WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF EXCEL CHARIS PHARM LTD Major player in Oncology, Fertility, ICU, Antipsychotic, Antihypertensive, Antibiotics, pain management, OTC and other lines. CEROTAMIN Plus Syrup This medication is indicated for prophylactic and physiologically stressful conditions ie loss of appetite, Iron deficiency, anaemia etc OLAPLEZA - 5 Olanzapine
USP 5.mg & 10mg
RISDAL Risperidone Tablets USP 2 mg. EXCENAT DS Artemether 80mg & Lumefantrine 480mg Tablets PROSCOF CHESTY COUGH RELIEF
This medication is indicated in infants, by cleaning of bronchi, enhancing respiratory , mucolytic, spasmolytic and cough relieving.
This medication is used to treat stuffy nose caused by allergies, sinus irritation or the common cold. XYLONE ADULT EXCENAT ORAL Suspension This medication contains Artemether + Lumefantrine. It is used to kill the malaria parasites living inside red blood cells.


Excel Charis Pharmaceutical Chemical Limited is an indigenous pharmaceutical company, established in June 2012. Active marketing of products started in June 2013. .

We are into active marketing of different segments of drugs such as Oncology, Fertility, ICU, Antipsychotic, Antihypertensive, Antibiotics, pain management, OTC and other lines. 


Why choose us

Here in Excel Charis Pharmaceutical, we provide innovative quality brands of products that create a niche in addressing customers medical needs. Our team of seasoned professionals also ensures you receive quality service.


Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as the best pharmaceutical marketing company & Health Care provider.


Our Mission

Provide high quality medicines at affordable cost for Nigerians. Ensuring availability of our innovative brands to all nooks and crannies of Nigeria.



To create wealth by marketing selling and distributing imported drugs of the different segments in our portfolio in Nigeria. (Oncology, fertility, Neuropsychiatric, etc)



We uphold truth in all key aspects • our products meet the industry standards. • The doses go by the measure. • We make no exaggerating claims & we keep our words.

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