Brand NameGeneric NamePack
Adenosine injectionAdenosine injection 6mg x 1 AmpAmps
Asklerol InjectionPolidocanol 3% 60mg/2mlamp
Atracurium 50mg/5mlAtracurium 50mg/5ml x 5AmpsAmps
Bupivacaine heavy Bupivacaine heavy X 5Amps
Bupivacaine plain Bupivacaine plain X 5Amps
DixinDigoxin injection 4mg x 10sAmp
Dobutamin Dobutamin 250mg /5ml × 2ampsAmps
Dopamine injection 40mg Dopamine injection 40mg x 5ampsAmps
Esmolol Injection x 1VialEsmolol Injection x 1VialVial
Fenoxene InjectionSterile Phenoxybenzamine concentrateamp
Glycopyrrolate Injection Glycopyrrolate Injection x 10AmpAmp
Hamostat InjectionAminocaproic Acid Injection 5mg/20mlvial
Halothan Halothan Trifluoroethanebottle
Heparin 25000iuHeparin 25000iuVial
Hyaluronidase 1500iu(Hyalase)Hyaluronidase 1500iu(Hyalase) x 10 vial
Hydralazine InjectionHydralazine Injection x 10 ampsamps
Iron sucrose inj  Iron sucrose inj x 5ampsAmps
Isoprenaline Injection Isoprenaline Injection x 5AmpAmp
Isoflurane Isoflurane bottle
Ketamin Ketamin Injection x 1 vialVial
Lignocaine jelly Lignocaine jelly x30gtubes
Magnessium Sulphate InjectionMagnessium Sulphate Injection X 10AmpAmp
Midazolam InjectionMidazolam Injection 5mg/mlAmp
Milicor InjectionMilrinone Lactate Injectionamp
Naloxone Injection Naloxone Injection x 5AmpAmp
Neostigimine inj Neostigimine inj 2.5mg x10AmpsAmps
Nitroglycerine Injection Nitroglycerine Injection x 5AmpAmp
Noradrenaline InjectionNoradrenaline InjectionAmps
Pancuronium 2mls  Pancuronium 2mls x 10ampsAmps
Phenylephrine Hydro.Injection Phenylephrine Hydro.Injection Amp
Phenytoin InjectionPhenytoin Injection 250mg  x 5ampAmp
Phenobarbitone InjPhenobarbitone Inj 200mg/ml x 10Amp
Potassium chloride inj  Potassium chloride inj x10Amps
Prexam/CyklatranTranexamic acid Capsules 500mg   2 x 10Caps
Protamine Sulphate Injection Protamine Sulphate Injection x 5AmpAmp
PyridostigminPyridostigmine 60mg Tab x 60sTab
Samvec -10Vecuronium Bromide Injection 10mgvial
Sodium Bicarbonate InjectionSodium Bicarbonate Injection x 10vial
Sodium Nitroprusside Injection Sodium Nitroprusside Injection x 5AmpAmp
Sterile Amiodarone injection Sterile Amiodarone injection  x 5ampAmps
Streptokinase 1,500,000 IUStreptokinase 1,500,000Vial
Suxamethonium inj Suxamethonium inj x10Amp
Terlistat InjectionTerilipressin Injection 1mg/10mlvial
Thiopentone 1gThiopentone 1gVial
Tranexamic acid injection 500mg Tranexamic acid injection 500mg × 5Amps
Vasopressin Injection Vassopressin 20units ( x 5)Amps
VPIVerapamil injection 5mg x 10Amp

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